Well we didn't see this coming did we? It's March 2020 and only last month we were getting excited about upcoming dates and playing live again. Festivals, Folk Clubs, Theatres, a healthy calendar and rehearsals with our original bass player back in the fold. Yes we were on sparkling form, old tunes, new tunes, covers and standards and a whole lot of fun into the bargain!

Then suddenly smack bang out of the blue the national news tells us of a new virus that's heading our way and that plans might have to change. But that's okay, we won't be affected will we? Well we have been affected, all of us and our diary of live work has been decimated! All but two gigs remain currently.

But it's more than that, the Coronavirus is in the UK and we're having to live a different existence to normal, because these are scary times. Sadly people are dying, we're all social distancing, having no contact with others, washing our hands excessively in order to not contract anything. Stopping in our houses and the Government has instructed us not to leave our homes unless absolutely necessary!

No live music, live theatre, entertainment, cinemas, pubs, clubs, bars, cafes . . . . All closed for the foreseeable future . . . . where will it end?

So we're in our abode and strumming out guitars and we're waiting until we can come out and entertain again . . . . 

Take care folks, keep well and stay safe.