Well we didn't see that one coming . . .

We've just braved the scorching hot weather and baking sunshine in the idyllic village of Brackley for their "Folk in the Park" festival and after playing to a lovely appreciative audience we took the journey home, stopping off to be fed and watered!

Rewind back about six weeks and Carolyn had accidentally sprained her wrist, only to find that after about a month it was still painful, so much so that using tambourine's, shakers and assorted percussion was becoming a no, no. After much soul searching, we ended up at A&E . . . . And to cut a long story short she'd broken her wrist!! But not only that, she'd also torn a ligament . . . All of this added up to very little rehearsal time, hardly any playing and therefore no Facebook Live for June.

But we intend to amend this for July and will definitely be bouncing into your homes, phones and wherever you roam to entertain you with songs. In the meantime we're gearing up for a Hometown Show at the Kitchen Garden Café on Sunday, July 1st, it'd be great to see you there and you never know we might even do a live link from the venue (See our gig dates for details).

Catch you soon folks!